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Vietnam’s legendary cover dance crew ST.319

Vietnam’s legendary cover dance crew ST.319

ST.319 is a dance crew that created the KPOP cover dance boom in Vietnam in 2011.
They won the cover dance contests of SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment, and stood on the 2NE1 stage, and SISTAR said “I want to dance with St.319 someday”, they were a legendary and very popular cover dance crew in Vietnam.
They had many fans not only in Vietnam, but also in Japan and other countries outside of Vietnam.

In 2015, leader Aiden started an office and music label, which became the entertainment company ST.319 Entertainment, producing a number of VPOP artists who interpret KPOP culture in the Vietnamese way.

Min, who was the main dancer of ST.319, left ST.319 in 2014 and started working on his own and is still a popular artist.

AMME, a popular VPOP (VietnamPOP) artist, is also a ST.319 Entertainment artist.
AMME debuted in April 2019 after spending four years as a trainee at ST.319 Entertainment.

This is a song that was very popular in Vietnam.

Vietnam is said to have a strong connection with SM Entertainment, which may be one reason why ST.319 won the SM Entertainment contest and the subsequent activities of the entertainment company ST.319 Entertainment.


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