KPOP dance cover

The Miso Zone, a Kpop cover dance team from Amsterdam with a nice smile

The Miso Zone, a Kpop cover dance team from Amsterdam with a nice smile

The name of Amsterdam’s Dance Cover Crew The Miso Zone group is derived from the Korean word “미소,” which means smile.

 ITZY – Not Shy 커버댄스 DANCE COVER

At the end of the cover dance video, there is an off-shot of the girls and you can see their true smiles.
Fleur, the mood-maker, is often teased.

 TWICE – Feel Special Dance Cover by The Miso Zone (9 members ver.)

 A dance cover of TWICE – Feel Special with a miraculous production scene where a pigeon flies from the intro to the lyrics.

 It looks like there are about 15 dance members.

Q1, What was the hardest cover to fime?
Crown – TXT

Q2, Who cheers up the other members when they are feeling down?
Fleur, Sepp

Q3, Who came up with the name “The Miso Zone”?
Hero, Jasmijn

Q4, How did you get into Kpop?
Different for each individual.

Q5, What’s your favorite cover that you’ve done?
Bon Bon Chocolate
Hey Mama

Q6, For how long have guys been dancing?
2years old~8years old

Q7, How do you decide which person gets to participate in a specific cover?
Different every time

Q8, Who is the funniest member?
Fleur, Vander, Moesha

Q9, This question for Hero, who is your female bias?
Chaeyoung – Twice

Q10, How do you guys decide on the song,location and styling?
Fenna helps a lot.

Q11, What are your zodiac signs?
Virgo, Aires, Libra, Pisces
Scorpio, Aquarius, Capricorn
Taurus, Sagittarius

Q12, Best all-rounded Kpop artists?
Let’s just say a lot of Kpop artists
do know how to do literally everything

Q13, Who is your video editor?

Q14, Are you guys all friends irl?
(irl : in real life)

Q15, Are there any couples?
We won’t say who

Q16, Positions of everyone in the group?
We don’t really have Positions.


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