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Milly Milly’s solo cover dance taken on her 24th birthday

Milly Milly’s solo cover dance taken on her 24th birthday

I’m Milly Milly, a NYC resident who just turned 24 years old on September 7th.
In Hawaiian language, mili.mili means “favorite”.
Please make Milly Milly’s YouTube channel a favorite of yours.

[KPOP IN PUBLIC CHALLENGE NYC] Somi – Birthday MillyMilly 24th Bday Celebration!!

On September 7th, she uploaded a cover dance as a birthday present for herself.

ITZY – Not Shey Dance Cover

Milly Milly’s Not Shy dancing in the woods in her favorite outfit.
I’ve seen a lot of foreign cover dancers take cover dances in the woods at least once.
We don’t see that often in Japan, so please let us know if you are a member of a Japanese cover dance team and film one song in the forest.


Dance cover of AleXa – Bomb in Milly Milly’s favorite outfit.
She changes her outfit and hairstyle on the way.
Milly’s boyfriend always takes the video for her.

Milly Milly is going to be very popular in the near future, so don’t hesitate to check her out in your favorites.

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