NiziU will debut with nine members from Nizi Project

NiziU will debut with nine members from Nizi Project

Ladies and gentlemen, did you watch the Nizi Project hosted by TWICE’s agency, JYP? Finally, the nine members who will debut in NiziU have been chosen! Have you made a guess?

Early members of Nizi Project
Early members of Nizi Project

Nizi Project is a big project that started about a year ago with auditions starting in mid-July 2019. We’re finally on the verge of our debut!

It is produced by J.Y. Park, aka Mochi Gori, and has been aired on Nippon Television’s “Sukkiri” show, which many of you may have seen…?

NiziU members

The members of NiziU are “Mako”, “Riku”, “Rima”, “Rio”, “Maya”, ” Miihi”, “Mayuka”, “Ayaka”, and “Nina”, and they will make their official debut!

Nizi Project Final episode – episode 10 – NiziU FINAL LINE-UP MEMBERS DEBUT

Right after the episode aired, the response on social media was so great, especially the comments about Miihi’s concern for Mochi Gori’s thinness!

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