GWSN BAZOOKA and Norway’s Relationship

GWSN BAZOOKA and Norway’s Relationship

When I first heard GWSN “BAZOOKA!” Who’s playing that song? It became. I was so curious that I looked it up, and it turned out to be GWSN. I didn’t notice it at all because it was a sound making that was different from the image of GWSN until now.


Since I’m a DJ, I’ve been wondering who wrote the song. I found out that the team behind the song was Dsign Music!

I see! No wonder it’s so fashionable and cute!

The Design Music team is a Norwegian production team that has produced songs for Red Velvet, TWICE and EXO in the past. In Japan, they produced a song by Namie Amuro.

TWICE “Dance The Night Away” M/V

This familiar Twice number here is also Dsign Music.

If you haven’t heard it yet, please give it a listen. It’s a number I highly recommend from Junk!

By the way, the member, Miya-chan, is a Japanese from Shizuoka!


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