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ARTBEAT channel of the very popular Korean cover dance crew AB PROJECT

ARTBEAT channel of the very popular Korean cover dance crew AB PROJECT


AB PROJECT, a very popular cover dance crew in Korea, has released a cover dance video that starts with an off-line shot of the members.
The dance team AB PROJECT and the video team Artbeat have teamed up to upload their cover dance videos on the YouTube channel ARTBEAT, some of which have received over 20 million views.
Artbeat is a YouTube channel founded in 2017 by Junseok Ette Kim, the director of Artbeat.
Junseok Ette Kim will retire from ARTBEAT in September 2020.

AB PROJECT is a K-POP cover dance team that has been attracting attention from all over the world as a K-POP cover dance team with a dance member selected through an audition and a video member selected from the open application process.


The popular AB Project’s “Here? (여기서요?) The cover dance shoot for the series is always a crowded affair.
This BLACKPINK – KILL THIS LOVE cover dance video has been viewed a whopping 20 million times (September 2020).

BTS 방탄소년단 – ANPANMAN 앙팡맨 | 커버댄스 Dance Cover

Songdong Pyo of the group X1 (disbanded in January 2020), who debuted from the public audition show PRODUCT X 101 (disbanded in January 2020), also once appeared in the ARTBEAT video as a member of AB PROJECT.

Performing in the streets of South Korea, “Here? (여기서요?) In addition to the “여기서요” series, there are many other works that have been created and edited to resemble music videos.
In addition to the “여기서요?” series, ARTBEAT also presents a variety of dance videos choreographed by original artists.
Please check out our YouTube channel for high quality cover dance crew videos.
The members of the crew apply by audition.


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