CARAT must go to Gino’s NY Pizza, where SEVENTEEN often eats!

CARAT must go to Gino’s NY Pizza, where SEVENTEEN often eats!

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, Vernon, and DK have all visited this pizza place, and I’m going to introduce Gino’s NY Pizza.

Directions to Gino’s NY Pizza

Gino’s NY Pizza is a 3-5 minute walk from Apgujeong Rodeo Station Exit 5.

Gino’s NY Pizzamap
Gino’s NY Pizza map
Gino’s NY Pizza
Gino’s NY Pizza

Gino’s NY Pizza’s location is close to Apgujeong Rodeo Station, so it’s easy to find!

Gino’s NY Pizza
서울 강남구 선릉로155길 15

The mingyu set I had at Gino’s NY Pizza

As soon as we got to Gino’s NY Pizza, the waitress recognized us as CARAT, so she showed us our seats when Mingyu came to eat!
We were very lucky because my friend said we had to make a reservation to sit down.

Of course, I ordered the “Mingyu Set”.
It’s like a rule!

Mingyu Set
Mingyu Set

This is the Mingyu set! It includes pizza and chicken! The pizza comes in two flavors, tomato and cream, and it’s so good you won’t get bored! But the chicken was so spicy that I was surprised.

The pizza was bigger than expected and we couldn’t finish it, so if you’re thinking of going to eat it, go very hungry!

Of course, there are signs of SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, Vernon and DK inside Gino’s NY Pizza, so we had to make a quick snap!


Surprisingly, there were other idols here too, which surprised me!
(I love GOT7 so I was excited that Mc was here…)

Even after you eat, look at the receipts!


Omg! It would be labeled “MINGYU(17) SET”!
This makes me so happy! It’s a great way to go out to eat and eat what your guess is usually eating… I couldn’t be happier.
My friend took this receipt home with her for a very important reason.

Come on! How do you like the Mingyu set?
Please, CARATs, go to Gino’s NY Pizza, a place where SEVENTEEN often eats when traveling to Korea.

서울 강남구 선릉로155길 15

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