KPOP dance cover

Taiwanese cover dancer Peach

Taiwanese cover dancer Peach

Introducing Peach, a cover dancer from Taiwan.
IG @littlepony_peachy
Peach with the catchphrase “蜜桃の小甜心“.
The catchphrase “小甜心” means “Sweetheart” or “Cute”, so “蜜桃の小甜心” becomes “Peach’s Sweetheart”.

Peach is a friend of Eugene from Taiwan, whom we introduced recently.
peach,Eugene,qq_0601 are three of the hottest people in the K-pop LGBT cover dancer community in Taipei City’s Ximen Town.


CHUNG HA – Stay Tonight Dance Cover By So Peachy

Speaking of “Momo x Pink”, there is a “Pink Fairy Momo-chan” in Japan.


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