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Shooting scene for the cover dance video of 9BIT DANCE

Shooting scene for the cover dance video of 9BIT DANCE

We introduced “9BIT DANCE, a K-Pop cover dance team from Sydney produced by a professional video production company,” as well as the former 9BIT DANCE film crew and dancer/video editor catbaoo.

The filming of 9BIT DANCE has just been released.
As we said before, “It’s a little bit too much movement, but the equipment and camera work is so good that it’s impossible for amateurs to do”, but this is what the cameraman actually did.

[KPOP IN PUBLIC BEHIND] IZ*ONE (아이즈원) – 환상동화 (Secret Story of the Swan) Dance Cover

It’s very hard to film while moving back and forth all the way back and forth, checking the dance and the video.
The dancers are applauded and the videographer’s back is sad as he goes to put down his equipment afterwards.
While everyone was saying “it’s over”, the cameraman had to take everything down quickly to ensure the safety of the equipment and the data, a feeling that only the cameraman knows how it feels to be on set.

Here’s the finished video.

This cover dance video is 9BIT Dance’s Cheonan Kpop Dance Contest 2020 entry, so be sure to check it out.


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