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Interview with a member of Canada’s super cover dance team East2West

Interview with a member of Canada’s super cover dance team East2West

East2West, a K-pop cover dance team based in Montreal, Canada, with a large organization and a large fan base.

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We were able to interview Gaëlle Anthony of Lisa’s part, who shows off her charming and sharp dance moves in this dance video of BLACK PINK.

Interview with Gaëlle Anthony

Yuki(Writer)-How many members do you have in your videos? That’s a lot, isn’t it?
Gaëlle(a member of East2West)-So far, we have a total of over 100 people enrolled. The actual core of the group is roughly 60 people!

Yuki-Sixty people is a lot!
With a large group of people, how do you decide on the songs and partitions?
Gaëlle-The songs are chosen from the members’ requests and new songs by artists of the time.
We choose the members by either running for office on their own initiative or by the seniors choosing someone with a dance style that they think fits the song.

Yuki-What are some of the things you stick to or value when you cover dance?
Gaëlle-The most important thing is to always do my best to keep the quality of the dance cover high.
Specifically, the quality of the dance itself, the costumes, and the video editing.

Yuki-That’s why the quality of the video is so high.
Do you have any big events or activities planned for the future as east2west?
Gaëlle-I do a big show every two years and I teach and perform dance in workshops every week.
Yuki-Great! I wish they would do it in Japan!

East2West Recommended Dance Cover Videos

To member Gaëlle, “Please pick a video that you would like everyone to watch!” asked him to carefully select the East2West recommended dance cover videos.

TWICE (트와이스) – LIKEY

A whopping 1,040,000+ views of the video!
Gaëlle, who helped with the interview, is also good at participating in the Chae-young part.

BTS (방탄소년단) – Not Today

Cool video for the girls’ version. It has currently been viewed over 6.03 million times.
Like the MV, the video is made before the dance starts and it’s a video work of high quality.

East2West Choreographer.

yuki-Because there are so many dancers in the group, there are still a lot of people working as choreographers, aren’t there?
Gaëlle-East2West has four choreographers.

Jasmine Matos

Wilson DC

Christbob Phu

Lena Beaz

Message from EAST2WEST

Each video had a sense of unity not only in the dancing, but also in the locations and costumes, and was very easy to watch and enjoy as it fit with the image of the original idol group and song.

It would be fun to host random dances and workshops in each other’s countries, Japan and Canada, someday!
It’s grand and exciting to think that Canada and Japan, which is not our own culture, but Korean culture and a completely different place, are connected!

Thank you guys for watching east2west! We really appreciate the support! Hopefully we can all dance with together in the future if we go to japan!!


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