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Hello,This time it is about ONEUS of the young attention strain!

Performance, singing ability, visual, zyvicist, etc. from before debut in a multi-talented talent “too high degree of perfection” “all talented!” “ONEUS” has been evaluated for its high quality.

Let’s take a look together because I am also in the midst of rave reviews to them. Who are attracting attention as a member of the office “RBW” expectation to firmly develop “a group with high cohesion” and “one and only artist” !

What is ONEUS?

ONEUS (Wanas, Wanas, 원어스) is a Korean six-person male idol group that debuted on January 9, 2019! It was a topic as a younger brother from before the debut that there is “MAMAMOO” in the senior of the office!

On August 7, 2019, the group made its debut in Japan and is gaining popularity in Japan 🙂 !

Appeared in “Road to Kingdom” to fight for the right to appear on the program “Kingdom” broadcast on Mnet, it is because now ⤴

The origin of the group name was derived from the idea that “We (US) gather together to create a world of (ONE) created by the power of each and every fan (ONE).”

Member’s Profile

ONEUS has a motto that everyone pulls the group, and there is no leader!

Among the members, Soho, Fannun and Konch appeared as practice students in PRODUCT 101 (Season 2) in 2017, and Raven, Soho and Id participated in MIXNINE! (I’m sure this is the one who looks good!)

RAVN (레이븐)

Real Name Kim Young-jo /김영조

Date of birth September 2, 1995

Height 178cm

Blood Type A

Hobbies Figure Collection

Special Skill
Do the charm..?

Position Wrapper Vocals

Michael Jackson, BIGBANG, 2PM, and FTISLAND looked at the stage and aimed to become an idol, and before joining RBW, he also worked as a practice student at a major office called JYP, A CUBE, and YG.

Because it was MIXNINE participation immediately after joining RBW, it seems to have been a “perfect practice student” recommended by the company as soon as He joined the company!

The position in ONEUS is a rapper, but it is a mass of talent that can do anything with vocals, dance, composition, producing ability ! The most fashionable person in the group, the number one multiplayer who is also responsible for the visuals!

I like the oldest person in 형 leading the younger brothers as Hyun.

SEOHO (서호)

Real Name Lee So-ho/이서호

Date of birth June 7, 1996

Height 176cm

Type A

Hobbies Basketball, Soccer

Special Skill Trampoline

Position Main Vocals

He appeared in MIXNINE after appearing in PRODUCE101 and advanced to the JYP public audition 12th stage final in 2016!

Soho’s previous name was Lee Gong-min.Because it was Gonmin at the time of PRODUCE101, there are still a lot of fans who call it “Gonmin”!

It is a singing voice with a profound feeling and growth, and it is often in charge of the killing part which seems to be an important role in the vocal line in ONEUS !

LEEDO (이도)

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Real Name Kim Gonak/김건학

Date of birth July 26, 1997

Height 178cm

Type AB

Hobbies Boxing,Kendo

Special Skill Sports

Position Wrapper Vocals

Id also participated in MIXNINE, but unfortunately He couldn’t participate in the broadcast because He couldn’t get through the first round …ᅲᅲ

He was a former LOEN and YG practice student who lived with Raven before joining RBW. He tried to quit aiming to become an idol once, but He was invited by Raven, who had joined RBW earlier, to audition!

The potential to be able to balance all of the dance, rap, and vocals is high!

The character is the same as the atmosphere of the appearance in the feeling of the man, but or don’t like while the face becomes red when asked for “Do the charm”! The figure is very cute!!


Real Name Lee Kon-hee/이건희

Date of birth June 27, 1998

Height 181cm

Blood Type O

Hobbies Appreciation of works of art and reading messages

Special Skill Piano, English, Japanese

Position Main Vocals

He appeared in PRODUCT101 when He was a practicing student.

The character is a character that does not decorate with a bright and interesting character anyway! Because it is also a tonboy character, it is also said that “sorry twink” …

Since he has been a well-known and popular member since he was a student, he probably the key to the group!


Real Name Yo Hwaun/여환웅

Date of birth August 26, 1998

Height 168cm

Type A

Hobbies Swing, Watching Movies

Special Skill Urban, street dance such as rock

Position Main Dancer

Appeared in PRODUCT101 when he was a practicing student.It is one of the practice students who did not go up the ranking for the ability.

Although he is small, he has the best performance skills that are eye-adest on stage, and I think he was definitely one of the best students in dance!!

His personality is very gentle. When He was in junior high school, He experienced as a class president, and except for the first semester of his freshman year, He was the head of the class for a long time and never was late or absent.

XION (시온)

Real Name Son Dong-ju/손동주

Date of birth January 10, 2000

Height 173cm

Blood Type AB

Hobbies Watching Musicals

Special Skill Acting

Position Vocal , Manne(Youngest)

The reason for joining the company was that He was invited to audition by his brother who belonged to the company earlier!

Brother Dong Myung(동명) belonging to ONEWE (from MAS0094)! It is twins of the fraying, and the face is not similar, but the brothers are handsome together!It’s a beautiful family line.

He has a gentle personality and likes to be beautiful.The strongest manne who can talk to elder brothers when the lodgings are in a mess

It is a cute character with a short height in the group, but the gap is amazing because it becomes ole-like Namja character once in a while! !

ONEUS’s Fan Name

ONEUS fans are “TO MOON” !

The origin is… The moon that always surrounds the earth is likened to the relationship between a fan (Moon) and ONEUS (Earth). [TO MOON] is also a great fan name that has been put together !!

There is also a Fan Cafe(Conca)! [] 

ONEUS Official SNS / Subscription please from here!

After Word…

Thank you very much for reading so far!If you didn’t know much about ONEUS, I’d like you to take this opportunity to take a look at YouTube, AppleMusic, etc.

They landed in Japan on August 7, 2019 with their debut single “Twilight”, and the first show held in Tokyo in July of the same year was flooded with 5,000 entries even before their debut.

Such a high expectation ONEUS will be more fun to play an active part in Japan from now on, so let’s cheer together while expecting!

♪ “TO BE OR NOT TO BE” It’s too cool to show it to my friends.


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