“NERDY CAFE” has been created as the second line of popular Korean fashion brand NERDY!

“NERDY CAFE” has been created as the second line of popular Korean fashion brand NERDY!

The first Japanese store of popular Korean fashion brand “NERDY” opened in Harajuku last October.
As it is the first store in Japan, many NERDY fans flocked to the store and it has become a hot topic!
Collaboration fashion items with NERDY’s second line “NERDY CAFE” such as hoodies, long T-shirts and T-shirts will go on sale from 4th September in Japan!

NERDY Harajuku
NERDY Harajuku

What is NERDY?

NERDY is a casual street brand that was born in Korea in April 2017.
The concepts are FREEDOM, SELF and IDENTITY. The items are basically unisex and the characteristic of NERDY is designed to be a loose fit. K-Pop idols also love NERDY!

Idol wearing NERDY

Dahyun (TWICE)

Dahyun (TWICE)
Dahyun (TWICE)

A setup worn by TWICE’s Dahyun on the Idol Sports Day (a TV show where idols get together for a sports day).



SEVENTEEN also wore it on the original show. Among the members of the show, JEONGHAN, JOSHUA, WONWOO, VERNON and DINO wear it. The key is the lack of a hood.



Block B member and rapper ZICO also wears NERDY all the time.
The design of the t-shirt is also very cute.

Follow @NERDY_look on Instagram and you’ll know which idol wore it right away. You can even match your guess!


NERDY CAFE fashion items are limited items that can be purchased at “Now me. by NYLON JAPAN”, a pop-up shop in ZOZO that collaborates Harajuku’s NERDY store and fashion magazine NYLON JAPAN .

The NERDY CAFE models are Moon Bin, a member of ASTRO, and Miyu Ikeda, is commonly known as Michopa.

NERDY use famous celebrities : Moon Bin,a member of the popular Korean boys group ASTRO, and Japanese celebrity Miyu Ikeda.

Miyu Ikeda (Michopa)
Miyu Ikeda Via : NERDY CAFE
Moon Bin
Moon Bin Via : NERDY CAFE
NERDY CAFE Image Movie

The NERDY CAFE image movie is here.The shooting place is a store of NERDY in South Korea.

ASTRO’s Moon Bin ‘s Off-Shot Movie

Here’s the off-shot movie of Moon Bin!

Members of ASTRO have also worn the NERDY setup in the past.

What are NERDY CAFE items?


T-shirt with a logo on the back

This t-shirt features the logo on the back. It’s free size and has a big silhouette for women to wear.
Cute how it’s made larger around the shoulders! Available in black and blue.

Long T-shirt

One-point long T-shirt at sleeve

Long t-shirt with the NERDY CAFE logo printed on one of the sleeves. The sleeves are twice as long as I thought they would be! Available in white and red.



When you say NERDY, you can’t go wrong with a hoodie. The “WHO IS NERDY” is printed on the back. The purple and orange color combination is also very NERDY! Available in white and purple.

Caps and bottle accessories

Caps and bottles

There are also other small items like caps and bottles.
Even if street fashion isn’t your thing at AROHA, this will be easy to pick up.

The key is that they are all free size. The design is perfect for matching in different colors. Easy to throw on and off!

Purchase from the link

NERDY CAFE items will be available for pre-order on ZOZOTOWN from 0:00 on September 4 (Fri).

ZOZOTOWN pre-order sales period
9/4 (Fri) 0:00 – 9/10 (Thu) 17:59
※Japan time

ZOZOTOWN Reservations Page

NERDY CAFE @Instagram

NERDY products can be purchased through their official website.

NERDY Japan Official Website

NERDY JAPAN @Instagram


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