NCT 127 Appears during Random Play Dance at NYC (2019)

It’s been 19 years since 9.11.
It is “K-pop cover dance of the world” which is open to the public at 10 o’clock every morning, but it will be open to the public at 9:45 in the hope of peace today.
Here is a video of NCT127 jumping in during a random dance at NYC in 2019.

NCT 127 appears during Random Play Dance at NYC

Bring the GoToe’s PPD in New York, NCT 127 actually appeared…!! Am I Dreaming ???

On April 20, 2019, Korean YouTuber GoToe held a random play dance event in Washington Square Park, New York.
A large crowd of local K-pop fans gathered at this random dance event to dance to a randomly played K-pop hit song in front of the Peace and Triumphal Archway.

However, around 12:24, everyone suddenly starts to reost at me.
NCT127, who was staying there to perform a concert tour in the United States, jumped in and participated.

For a moment everyone started to panic but then Super Junior and BLACKPINK continued to dance and at the end of the show all the members joined in and danced to Nct 127’s Simon Says while singing along with a chorus so loud that even the microphones cracked.
The last song of the night was “Cherry Bomb!
We danced together to “Regular,” “Simon Says,” “Touch,” “Cherry Bomb,” and “Boss” from NCT U.

What would it be like in Japan? Can you keep dancing?
It’s a great way to dance together, regardless of whether you’re good at it or not.
That’s the fun of random dancing.

GoToe and members of NCT127 after the event.

Hoshi from SEVENTEEN has also jumped in on a random dance as a surprise!

Speaking of jumping into the random dance, Hoshi from SEVENTEEN also jumped into the random dance as a surprise in the footage from episode 5 of the documentary hit the road.
It’s from around 7:45.

KPOP Random Play Dance Challenge = KRDC
KPOP Random Play Dance = KRPD
Random Play Dance = RPD
You can find randoms from all over the world by searching for randoms like.

And LVKM’s brother K-Pop Fes. NESTAL will be holding the K-Pop Random Dance Challenge Cup in October.
Please check it out by following Twitter.


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