The Famous Burger by Loco

The Famous Burger, owned by rapper Loco

I would like to introduce you to The Famous Burger, a diner-like hamburger store run by Loco, a rapper from AOMG.
You only listen to idols, but I know Loco! Many of you may be wondering why?

Loco Profile


Loco debuted after winning season 1 of the Korean hip-hop audition show “Show Me The Money”. He later released “Hold Me Tight (Feat. Crush)” and “You Do not Know” and established himself as a Korean hip-hop star.
Records signed by big artists such as Jay Park, Simon Dominic, GRAY, Ugly Duck, ELO, Hoody, DJ Pumkin, DJ Wegun, and VV:D (Vivid Crew) consisting of Zion. Belong to the AOMG label.

Continuously releasing works, he has established himself as a chart-topping star, ranking number one on every music chart in the country.

AOMG Artist Info LOCO

Music video shot at The Famous Burger

로꼬 (Loco) – 시간이 들겠지 (Feat. Colde) (Above Live)

Volume full! The Famous Burger menu that is sure to fill you up


It’s a voluminous burger. The coarse-ground patty and the crispy, fluffy buns cooked together on the griddle are sure to be addictive!

Pictured is the ROYAL GREEN BURGER, the most popular set menu at The Famous Burger.
The burger comes with a drink, coleslaw and fries.
Can I eat this much? You can also order the burgers individually, if you want.

Ordering is done with the menu at hand, so no need to understand Korean! The staff at my time was friendly and helpful, in simple English.

If you’re lucky, you might meet a rapper?

The Famous Burger has a diner-like, American, yet relaxed interior, with background music of course, mainly k-hiphop!

Loco himself and other artists often visit The Famous Burger and post their stories on social media.
They also have rare DJ events, so if you’re lucky, you might be able to meet a DJ or rapper!
If you are staying in Korea for an extended period of time, be sure to check out Instagram.

The Famous Burger instagram

via Loco instagram
via Loco instagram

The Famous Burger entrance, marked by a cute hamburger sign

The Famous Burger entrance
The Famous Burger entrance

The Famous Burger, with its iconic yellow signage, has a cute illustration of a burger, but what’s more, they also offer merchandise!
The lineup changes from time to time, and inventory varies from store to store, so this might be another item that only the lucky ones can get.

By the way, I bought a long-sleeved T-shirt!
This is the same design as the uniform worn by the staff of The Famous Burger.

The Famous Burger’s hours of operation and location

The Famous burger
Hongdae Store
Address: 395-113 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
(서울특별시마포구서교동 395-113)
Phone number: +82 2-332-5201
Business hours: 12:00-10:00 p.m. (last order 21:20)
Closed: Open all year round

Hapcheon station is the closest station, a 5 minute walk away.
I went on foot from Hongdae station while shopping, so it’s not too far to walk even if you get off at Hongdae!
Of course, there are also clothes and accessory stores near the store, very stylish. Gai is a relatively quiet town. If you get tired of the crowds, how about a leisurely stroll? Even the narrow alleys are lined with stores, it’s like a maze and it’s fun!

Now, they are also opening a second restaurant, The Famous Burger, in Xinsa.

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