ATEEZ and Now me. by NYLON JAPAN have announced their collaboration items, which ATINY can’t afford to miss!

ATEEZ and Now me. by NYLON JAPAN have announced their collaboration items, which ATINY can’t afford to miss!

The Japanese online shop ZOZOTOWN will hold a pop-up shop “Now me. by NYLON JAPAN”, a collaboration between ZOZOTOWN and the popular magazine “NYLON JAPAN”, and will sell items from the “ATEEZ x Now me. by NYLON JAPAN” brand. It was recently announced that it will be for sale!
Pre-orders will go on sale on Thursday, November 12, 2020 at midnight, but we were able to get a sneak peek of the design here at LVKM, so we thought we’d share a little bit with you all, including ATINY!

I think these are all items that ATINY might not be able to resist!

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ATEEZ (에이티즈)

ATEEZ is an 8-member Korean boys group whose name means “A TEEnage Z (All Things Teenage)”!ATEEZ debuted in Korea in October 2018 with “해적왕 (Pirate King)” and will debut in Japan in December 2019 with “UTOPIA (Japanese Ver.) After their debut, all seats were sold out for a rookie overseas tour, and since then they have continued to break various records such as the number of music charts, CD sales, and MV playback. Even after their debut in Japan, they have been ranked in the Oricon charts, etc., and their momentum in Japan has not stopped, and they are attracting attention from all over the world as the most popular K-POP idol!

The official fan name is ATINY, which means ATEEZ + DESTINY (ATEEZ and fans were meant to meet)!


Collaborative Items Lineup [2020AW Spotlight]

There are four items in all!

This collaboration includes a unisex hoodie, long-sleeved T-shirt, socks and smartphone grips!

Chocomoo, who has been collaborating with apparel brands and companies in Japan and abroad, has drawn illustrations and photo-printed items using photos posted on ATEEZ’s official Instagram, which can only be purchased at ZOZOTOWN!



Hoodie comes in two patterns and three colors each in two designs! It comes in black, white and a deep blue, red and purple for fall and winter! The logo was designed by illustrator Chocomoo, and the letters ATEEZ are unique and cute!

The cute ATEEZ letters are printed on the front, and I wondered if the finger pointing from A to Z was a nod to the origin of ATEEZ! (If you did, you’re too chic…!)

Large logo design version
Large logo design version

The cute ATEEZ logo design in a different pattern is printed on the left side of the front like a single point, and the print is smaller, so I think this one is easier to use as a daily use item too! Looks easy to coordinate together!

Small logo design version
Small logo design version

Long Sleeve T-Shirt

The long-sleeved T-shirts come in two patterns and two colors each! There are two designs, one with the same logo design as the Hoodie and one with a photo print pattern on the back with a photo posted on the official ATEEZ Instagram!

Small logo design version.

A long-sleeved t-shirt with a smaller print of the ATEEZ logo design used on the hoodie! It’s got a simple feel to it, a vibe that can be worn any time of day, any occasion!

Small logo design version
Small logo design version

Photo print version.

The photo print version, which is likely to be the most popular one this time, is a bold print on the back of the ATEEZ official Instagram, which uses actual photos posted on ATEEZ! I’d rather wear it together with other ATINY’s than for everyday use.

For links to the photos used, go to the “Related Sites” at the bottom!

Photo print version
Photo print version

Pre-order to make sure you get it!

Pre-orders will start on November 12 (Thursday), 2020 at midnight on the shop “Now me. by NYLON JAPAN” in ZOZOTOWN!

【Pre-order start date.】
Thursday, November 12, 2020 from 0:00

【Preorder Site】
Pop-up shop “Now me. by NYLON JAPAN”

For more information about this product, please check the above website on Thursday, November 12, 0:00 ~.

※For more information about this product, please check the above website on Thursday, November 12 at 0:00.

ATEEZ JAPAN Official website:

ATEEZ Official Instagram:@ateez_official_ …* Posts used for photo printing【1】【2】*

Chocomoo Instagram:@yukachocomoo


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