A very stylish French cover dance crew YUNJAE CREW

A very stylish French cover dance crew YUNJAE CREW

YUNJAE CREW is a French cover dance crew that is very stylish and sophisticated with each dance video being staged and edited to appeal to color.
One of the keys to the cover dance team’s success on YouTube is the video.
Many famous cover dance teams also have their own video teams, expressing their worldview through dance and video.

In YUNJAE CREW, the leader of the team, kayshamih, is mainly responsible for filming and editing the video.

SOUR CANDY – Lady Gaga ft. BLACKPINK | CHOREOGRAPHY by Yunjae Crew | France

SUNMI (선미) – GOTTA GO (가라고) Dance Cover by Yunjae Crew

There are a lot of stylish teams at Kopi’uni in France, but the future activities of Kayshamih, the leader of YUNJAE CREW, are worth checking out.


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