Get beautiful hair with the super buzzing “Water Treatment” in Korea!

When you like K-pop, there is a time when you want to have fancy hair.
But the problem with bleaching is that it can damage your hair so much…
If you want to bleach your hair but don’t know how to take care of it, we’ve got the perfect hair care products for you!

Get beautiful hair with the super buzzing “Water Treatment” in Korea!


Moremo, a product brand created in a specialized hair and cosmetic laboratory, specializes in water retention and moisturization.
This water treatment, Miracle 10, is one of the most talked about products in the brand.
It’s called water, so it has a watery texture, but the floral smell lasts long after it dries.
This treatment is very popular in Korea, so I tried it out for myself!

After shampooing and draining, I apply it to my hair and massage it into my hair, rubbing it in for about 10 seconds before showering it off.

That’s all it took, but I could feel the effects from the time I was towel drying!
Hair ends that have become dry after straightening or coloring are smoothed out, and it feels like your hair is being moisturized!
Even after I dried it with the hair dryer, it was still smooth and silky when I woke up the next morning!
It’s my tentative #1 personal best cosmetic of 2020!

If you apply the treatment to the roots, the top of your head may become flattened.
If you have short hair or want more volume, it may be best to avoid the roots and apply to areas that are particularly sensitive to damage…

Product Information
Capacity: 200ml
Price(Official online shop in Japan):¥2280+tax

In addition to treatments, they have a huge selection of shampoos, hair oils, and other products!
It’s worth a look.



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