New Japan and Korea Joint Boys Group “NIK” Debuts !! [ YoonHak (SUPERNOVA) ‘s Produce]

What’s NIK … ? ~ Japan and Korea Joint Boys Group Produced By The Leader of SUPERNOVA ~

NIK is produced by SUPERNOVA’s leader YoonHak. It’s a Japan and Korea joint boys group born from” Global idol Excavation × Real Growth Story <G-EGG season 1>”

G-EGG season1

This is a Japanese survival audition program in a global idol development project that YoonHak had envisioned for three years. 24 Japanese and Korean trainees selected by YoonHak from 11 debut members, there are issues such as “camp” and “SNS evaluation” held in Chiba(Japan) and Korea … !

The judging method was decided based on the total of 5points ,・Popularity vote ・Individuality evaluation ・Judge evaluation ・Staff evaluation (Human power evaluation) ・Final judge but , Trainees who dropped out once based on the results of “mysta” included in popularity votes and personal evaluations sometimes revived .

There were many members who participated in PRODUCE 101 ( produce series) and members who had already made an idol debut.

The Meaning of The Group Name “NIK”

The group name “NIK” is an acronym for New ( never existed before ) , Inspire ( stimulate people’s hearts) , Kindle ( burns emotions ) . It is to aim for a group that ” always burns passion , creates new entertainment , and stimulates people’s hearts “.

I was impressed by the fact that YoonHak initially commented on the group name , ” I’ve always wanted to use it . I’ll give it to everyone . ” NIK , which means NIPPON KOREA No.1 “ . It remains !

About NIK Activities


An “ online mini-talk event ( live delivery ) “ will be held for all NIKEE members who have already joined the official fan club on September 29th ! It seems that the distribution of Korean members and Japanese members is different , but it seems that the holding time will not be covered , so if you have not joined yet and worry about it . Please take this opportunity !!

On October 25 ( Sun ) , a streaming live will be held by members staying in Korea without spectators ! Japanese members can not together due to immigration restrictions and visas , so they can not active as all member …

The debut song has not been released yet , the official goods are on sale , so if you are interested , please take a look !! NIK OFFICIAL GOODS STOR [ ]

List of 11 NIK Members


이건민/GUN MIN LEE Instagram(@big_gunmin1003)


강현수/KANG HYEON SU Instagram(@kanghyeonsu__)


林龍太/RYUTA HAYASHI Twitter(@ryuta38265613) Instagram(@ryuta_0_7_2_3)


한종연/HAN JONG YEON Twitter(@pxxk_ha) Instagram(@pxxk_hx)


三浦史也/FUMIYA MIURA Twitter(@fmy_0821) Instagram(@fumiyamiura_0821)


최시혁/CHOI SI-HYUK Twitter(@xornjs757) Instagram(@sisihyhyukuk0218)


고건/KOGUN Twitter(@lucente_gun) Instagram(@ko_geon__)


박윤솔/PARK YUN SOL Instagram(@sol_s7ill)


石坂太一/TAICHI ISHIZAKA Twitter(@ishizakataichi) Instagram(@nik_taichi)


米丸日向/HINATA YONEMARU Twitter(@hinata_y0)


三井瞭/RYO MITSUI Twitter(@1_lupus) Instagram(@1_lupus)

NIK Fan Name

The fan name is ” NIKEE ” , and the NIK official fan club ” NIK ISLAND ” !!

The fan club site is on the NIK official site , so please visit the NIK official site !


NIK Official SNS

NIK Official site

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