A story about Korean alternative pop band LEENALCHI’s Feel the Rhythm of Korea series and the evolving pansori

 A story about Korean alternative pop band LEENALCHI’s Feel the Rhythm of Korea series and the evolving pansori

 Rhythm of Series

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has a YouTube channel, Imagine your Korea, which features promotional videos about tourism in Korea.
Recently, the channel has released a series of “Rhythm of” videos featuring the hugely popular ITZY in different scenes such as “Vibes,” “K-beauty,” “Taste,” “Healing,” and “Light.

 Rhythm of Vibes

 Feel the Rhythm of KOREA series


In addition to the “Rhythm of” series featuring Itzy, the “Feel the Rhythm of Korea” series of tourism promotion videos released in July are a collaboration between the alternative pop band LEENALCHI and the Ambiguous Dance Company, a contemporary dance group.

The movies were shot in Seoul, Busan, and Jeonju. You can see tourist attractions in three locations with traditional Korean music.

Please take a look at them. 

 Feel the Rhythm of KOREA: SEOUL

LEENALCHI (이날치 Inalchi 수궁가) is a Korean alternative pop band led by Jang Young-kyu.
Uniquely, all four vocalists (Sorikun) are pansori vocalists.
John Junyop (Changiha and the Faces 장기하와 얼굴들 Kiha & The Faces) is also on bass.
The band’s name LEENALCHI is taken from the famous pansori singer Lee Narchi (1820~1892).

Pansori (Korean: 판소리)

Pansori (Korean: 판소리) is a Korean genre of musical storytelling performed by a singer and a drummer.In music, Gugwangdae describes a long story that takes about three hours for short and six hours for a long time. It is one of the traditional Korean music that mixes body movements and sings to the accompaniment of buk by gosu.

Feel the Rhythm of KOREA:BUSAN

Ambiguous Dance Company is a contemporary dance group founded in 2007 by choreographers Boram Kim and Kyung Min Chan.
Ambiguous Dance Company is an artistic dance troupe that has won various national and international dance competitions.

 [Catchy Korea] An Instant Addiction? Ambiguous Dance Company [STORY and meet]

Feel the Rhythm of KOREA:JEONJU

The music, dance and images are very addictive.
The music used in these movies is based on the traditional Korean music, Pansori.
The music used here is based on traditional Korean pansori music.
I’ll leave the explanation of traditional pansori to other sites and introduce the evolving Korean traditional music of pansori.

The Evolution of Traditional Korean Music, Pansori

In addition to LEENALCHI, the mix of traditional Korean pansori music and new sensibilities is growing.
There are also songs that incorporate pansori into K-POP and K-HIPHOP songs, and some of them feature pansori singers as guest performers.

Agust D ‘대취타’

The song “대취타 Daechwita” in the name of Agust D of BTS SUGA is made by sampling the song “대취타 Daechwita”, which was used in national music for the appearance of kings and military marches, and uses the sounds of traditional Korean musical instruments such as pansori and gong (gong).
It is said that BTS’s “IDOL” also uses pansori’s chuimse, which is a kind of hand shout in the song.

MC MONG MC몽 ‘인기 FAME (feat. 송가인 , 챈슬러)’

You can hear pansori singer Song Gein’s voice in the latter part of the song.

추다혜차지스 CHUDAHYE CHAGIS – Ritual Dance | Senggi Session

CHUDAHYE CHAGIS is a project of one of the singers of Ssing Ssing, Ssing Ssing introduced next, a calligraphy folk song singer, Chudahye.
Ponggukku (Funk + shamanic music ceremony where shamanic music is performed = kukku) is a fusion of funk rhythms of black music and shamanic music said to be the origin of pansori, advocating a style.
Back musician of the year at the Korean Popular Music Awards, saxophone player Kim Oki was chosen as “Musician of the Year” and Windy City drummer Kim Da Bing, and other talented members of the group are gathered.

 SsingSsing: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Ssing Ssing is a six-piece band formed in 2017 by LEENALCHI’s Jang Young Kyu with pansori singer Lee Himin and others.
The band disbanded after one EP on Spotify. 

In this article, I introduced the Feel the Rhythm of Korea series by the Korean alternative pop band LEENALCHI and a story about the evolution of pansori.
I would be happy if I could convey the excitement of Korea, where new cultures and music are being born from the Newtro boom, mixing old and new cultures and music.


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