Let’s eat Korean chicken at Osaka’s Korean bar Kokkio

Let’s eat Korean chicken at Osaka’s Korean bar Kokkio

Ahhh! I need some Korean chicken! Have you ever thought to yourself, such as at a moment’s notice? I would like to recommend this place to those people. We’ve found a Korean restaurant in Umeda, Osaka that serves insanely delicious Korean chicken and offers take-out.

That’s Korean Bar Kokkio (opening in February 2020).

There are three Korean Bar Kokkio restaurants in Osaka, three in Umeda and one in Tsuruhashi, and I visited the Korean Bar Kokkio Umeda EST branch. I don’t want to stand in line because the eat-in is always so popular and there’s often a waiting list! If you don’t want to eat out, we recommend you to take a break from dinner time.

For take-out, even if there’s a long line to eat in, just ask the staff to help you order.

Click here for the take-out menu at Korean Bar Kokkio

take-out menu at Korean Bar Kokkio
take-out menu at Korean Bar Kokkio

The main thing for take-out is still Korean chicken! I’m a fan of Yangyeom.
They also have a variety of other Korean dishes such as pancakes, kimpa and tadpole. I was surprised at the variety of Korean soju.

Takeout of Korean Chicken Yangnyom Chicken and Fried Chicken at Korean Bar Kokkio

There is a sign on the outside of the store with an estimate of how long they serve take-out. I’ve purchased takeout a couple of times and it always took me about 10 minutes to receive it. By the way, the serving time didn’t change when there was a line to eat in or not.

I tried the Korean Chicken Yangnyom Chicken and Fried Chicken take-out at Korean Bar Kokkio.

Korean Chicken

The Yangnyom Chicken (S) has 4-5 pieces of chicken in it. I’m too happy that there’s even pickled radishes to accompany it! Yangnyeom has a great sauce and it’s so good! The spiciness was about spicy and even I, who’s not a fan of spicy food, was able to eat it. The fries were very crispy with the sauce as an extra side. Both are delicious.

The smell of the shank later on is great…it smells so good from the bag as I’m bringing it home. I wish they could add the smell to the picture… but it’s about as powerful as a 551 nikuman, so be careful when you take the train home.

takeout pack

For takeout, they put it in a solid container. Please note that plastic bags will cost 10 yen and paper bags will cost 20 yen due to the introduction of a charge for bags from July 1st.

It’s also good that you can eat in with Korean food that you can’t take out in the Korean style restaurant.


You can take it out and eat it at home or outside. Eat in and enjoy the Korean atmosphere. If you’re in the mood for Korean chicken in Osaka, go to “Kokkio”, the Korean bar, for sure!

Korean Bar Kokkio Umeda EST

Address: EST FOODHALL, 3-25 Kakuta-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Phone number: 06-6110-5955
Business hours: 11:00-23:00
Last Order: [Food] 22:15pm [Drink] 22:30pm
Number of seats: 60 (plus 16 on the terrace)
Closed: No regular holidays
Official website of Korean Bar Kokkio: https://www.koti.co.jp/shop/691/
Korean bar Kokkio introduction page at Umeda EST:here
Map of Korean Bar Kokkio Umeda EST: https://www.est-sc.com/access/

As of July 2020, we are closing at 22:00 on Sundays through Thursdays. Please check the official website or the Umeda EST website when you visit us.


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